What is Pay-Per Click

Pay-per-click marketing is a method of generating clicks to you website by paying for them rather than ‘earning’ them naturally through search engine advertising. PPC gets you results almost immediately and improves brand awareness, traffic, etc. In this digital world, consumers reach out to the internet with their needs, and this is a sure-way to reach the customer with their exact needs at the exact time. KY Creatives is one of the best Pay-Per-Click advertising agency with a team who’s objective is to boost your website traffic and bring you the most benefits within your budget.

The distinct advantage of PPC marketing is that search engines like Google incentivise the highest quality ads- rather than the highest bidders for that ad space, aka, the ads which are the most attractive to the viewers. In essence, they reward excellence. The higher you click-through rates and the lower your costs will be, the better your ads will generate an audience.

Google Pay-Per-Click ads is one of the most popular PPC platforms and operates in a manner in which the users have to bid on the keywords and then pay for every click on their ads.

The site owner must be aware of the costs associated with Cost-Per-Click and Click-Through-Rate in order to determine their budget.

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